Microsoft Default Browser Settings and the Blackboard GradeCenter



Internet Explorer 7 is incorrectly set for certain applications that draw data out of a database such as the Blackboard  GradeCenter. The GradeCenter program in Blackboard does not report immediately entered grades correctly even though they are stored correctly in Blackboard. The symptom is that you enter a series of grades, then you immediately go look at the grade list and the grades you just entered are not there. They actually are there but your browser isn't showing them. You need to make two adjustments to your cache to fix the problem. (NOTE: all computers owned by VUSN are set correctly. This is only a problem with home machines or machines in places outside of our control.)


The good news is this is easy to fix and once you fix it, it stays fixed. Make sure you have no open copies of Internet Explorer (IE).


Step 1: open your browser and look for the Tools link. Click it.



Step 2:  In the dropdown under Tools select Internet Options.



Step 3:  Click the Settings button under Browser History that is circled below.



Step 4: Make sure that "EVERY time I visit the webpage" is selected. Most likely  "Automatically" is selected in your browser. You need to change that. THIS IS THE BIG CHANGE!!  Also make sure that the disk space usage is a number between 50 and 80. It very well may be larger than that so drop it back to a number in that range. After you make these changes be sure to click OK.



Step 5:  Go back to the Internet Options choice and bring up the following screen. Click the Advanced tab.




Step 6: Scroll down inside the window almost to the bottom until you can see "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed". Make sure that is CHECKED. BY default it is unchecked. Now click OK, close your browser.




Step 7: Now re-open your browser, go to the GradeCenter and all your grades will be there. You won't have the missing grades problem ever again.