Adding People to you Lync Contact list

Adding people to your contact list makes a lot of sense if you are going to regularly contract them and want to see their current status.  From the Lync window put in their name or email address in the space provided. If you put in the person’s email address it must be the correct one. Notice in the example below a middle initial of S is required. With names you do not have to be that exact but you may get a picklist to select the individual out of.

Roll over the person’s name in the light blue box, that will bring up the PLUS sign, click it will give you the dropdown menu and either add them to an existing group or create a new group to add them to.

They will then be added to the group specified. Whenever you examine that group you will see their name and their color coded status.

Adding People from other Institutions

Lync is a growing environment that now includes a large number of other colleges, universities, businesses, and government agencies. At Vanderbilt we have an open federation policy. This means we federate with anyone as long as we know they exist as a Lync environment. Other places however, may wall themselves off and then you would not be able to directly connect (e.g. : the IRS), but many Lync institutions support open federation, such as the University of Kentucky (UKy), for example. Let’s say you are working on a project with someone at UKy. You can work with them through Lync if they have a Lync account at UKy EXACTLY the same way you would work with them in Lync if they were a colleague here at our School of Nursing. Essentially all Federated Lync schools are part of a “cloud” and we can all add each other to our Lync contact list similarly to the way we add each other here in the School of Nursing. This allows you to IM, lync call (for free), video call, and share desktops without creating a formal meeting people need to subscribe to. So, let’s say I wanted to add a faculty member from the University of Kentucky to my contacts. Unlike local people I MUST add them by email address. BUT it CANNOT be just ANY email address they have, it must be their designated Session Initiation Protocol (more commonly called SIP) address.  Here at Vanderbilt your SIP address typically (but not always) is your regular email address. If you attempt to find someone by email address on campus and it doesn’t work, their SIP address is not their regular email address.  At some places, like the University of Kentucky,  it NEVER is their regular email address. So you will need to ask the person you are trying to find for their SIP address (at the University of Kentucky that is called the LinkBlue address).  (NOTE: if they don’t know it, have them find you instead and when they add you to their contact list you can in turn add them without  knowing their SIP address). At the University of Kentucky, for example, it is called their LyncBlue address. In this case Cathy Catlett’s real email address is BUT her SIP address is We would put her SIP address in the line where requested. Often you will get a “Presence unknown” error.

Click on the person’s name in the light blue box above, that opens the little window that allows you to select a meeting type. Click on the IM choice.

That will allow you to then see her true status. (In this case she is offline, but if she was available you would be so informed with the correct color coding).

Now if you look  at the Lync list you see her displayed correctly.

If you rollover her name. click the PLUS sign and you can add her to a group. You will now see her status whenever she is online,  logged into Lync.  You can now do anything in Lync with this person that you could do with someone in the Vanderbilt School of Nursing.

Here she is in my contact list:

Jsg: 030813