Changing your First Name in OAK

Some fields in OAK (such as VUNetID, last name, and password) cannot be changed by the user.  That protects the integrity of the data. However, a first name can be changed by the user. We allow that because the user’s legal first name may not be the name they are commonly known by or want to go by so by changing it,  instructors and fellow students can more easily know who is whom. (NOTE: changing your first name in OAK once, changes it forever in ALL OAK classes and organizations or until you change it again. Also note that this will not change it in any of the “feeding” databases such as YES, HR, or AccessVU. This change process ONLY refers to the OAK environment. Formal last name changes due to life events like marriage or divorce require submission of a name change request form to the registrar. See for instructions.)


The process for changing your first name is very easy. First, log into OAK the way you normally do.

From the screen below, click “Personal Information”

Click Edit Personal Information. (NOTE: do NOT attempt to change your Password from here. You cannot change your ePassword from here and any attempt to do so may confuse the system rendering your account unusable.)

Change your first name in the indicated textbox and click the Submit button.

That changes your name in the system. The next time someone, such as instructor or fellow student tries to find you in OAK, they will see your “new” first name.