Changing your VoiceMail Greeting (Including Creating Out of Office Phone Greeting)

You may create a new voice mail greeting or create and post an out of office greeting from your Lync phone, a non-Lync phone such as your home phone or cell phone, or your computer from inside the Lync software.  The procedure is basically the same for each approach,  the only real difference is how you initially get in the system.

From an outside phone: Dial (615) 875-9100

From a Lync Phone (Polycom CX600): Dial 5-9100 on the phone.

From Inside the Lync Software on you computer whether you are on campus or you are not (your computer thinks it is on campus): Dial 5-9100 from the keypad on the computer. Here is how you get to the keypad on the computer:  Start here and click the phone icon.

That brings up the telephone keypad:

(You can also use this to check your audio and see which device it is coming out of by clicking the Check icon above.)

You will be asked to enter the telephone extension (last 5 digits of your phone number)  IF you come in on an outside phone. If you come in through your Polycom phone or your Lync software on the computer  the system already knows your extension (you are coming in on it) so it bypasses this step.

You are then asked to put in your PIN. That is the UNLOCK code PIN for your phone. Unless you changed it, by default it is the LAST 6 digits of your phone number. (It may or may not be the same PIN you may have created to conduct a telephone conference call via Lync over an outside phone.)

Say “Personal Options” when requested (it is the last choice given) and then follow the directions. You will have to complete much of this by pressing keys on the keypad (either the Lync phone, the outside phone, or your computer).  Carefully follow the directions given.

Did you know you can have your email “read” to you by the machine? Just select that option if you want that. You have all kinds of choices here.