Getting Rid of Conversation Mode in Exchange 2010

If you have been migrated to Exchange 2010 (and everyone at VUSN will by Jan 1, 2013) and you go into the Outlook Web client you will probably notice that by default, Outlook now groups messages together that have the same subject line. While that can be very helpful if you are in an email “conversation”, it can also be a problem if multiple people all used the same subject line inadvertently. You may want to disable this new feature in Exchange 2010 and just have the mail show reverse chronologically like it does in REAL Outlook. (I would look for the next version of REAL Outlook to have conversation mode enabled as well.) This conversation mode is something that gmail does automatically as well. Microsoft copied Google in this concept.

So, you hate it and you want to get rid of it and display your email in the web client the way it has always been displayed. How do you do that?

Well, first open up the Outlook web client, log in and click on the inbox (unfortunately you will have to do this folder by folder but it should work automatically for subfolders.

Then look toward the top, click on View and you will see “Use Conversations” checked. Uncheck it. Your emails in that folder will no longer be grouped by subject.

If you change your mind later just repeat the process only this time checking “Use Conversations”.