Copying Course Content from  a Previous Semester to a Current One in Blackboard


There are several ways to copy a course from an earlier semester but there is really only one way to do it in our system reliably.  The technique consists of having Bb automatically zip the course you are copying from into a single zip file, downloading that course to your local computer, going into the new course and uploading that zipped file into the new course. Once you understand the process, the rest is just easy technique.


So, first we go into the original course. Look down and you will see Packages and Utilities in the blue Control panel area. Click it.

Click Export/Archive Course

Click the Export button

Check all the areas you want copied over. Typically this is the Content Areas. If you click that one box all of the content areas become checked. Then click Submit.

You will see the following green bar telling you to wait and be patient. You will receive an email when it is ready and done (can take up to 15 minutes). When you receive that email, you can click out of the window you are (click another content area…anything to change out of the window), then click the export button again and you will now see the zipped file. Click the zipped file name.

Then click “Save” or “Save as” and save it to your desktop (or anywhere on your computer that you will remember).

And click “Save”. Be sure you know where you put it because you are going to search for it soon.

Now go into the new course you want to copy it into. Like before find the Control Panel. Click on Packages and Utilities, and THIS time click Import Package/View Logs.

Click Import Package.

Click the Browse button and browse for that zip file you downloaded a few minutes ago, and click the Content Areas checkbox (and any other area you saved and want to bring in). Click Submit.

It will queue up, show you this screen with the green information bar.

You will receive an email when it is done. Exit the course and come back and your course is imported. You may have to delete some of the default links on the left. Just be sure not to delete any with content in them.


JSG: 082311