Important Links for Lync

Where to get Lync:

scroll down and you will see your choices. If you are on a Windows machine you must first determine whether your machine is 32 bit or 64 bit.

If you don’t know how to determine that, go here:

Then you must install the application AND the corresponding patch. On the Mac do the Mac client and the patch. Do NOT do OCS unless you already have that installed.



Setting IE as your default browser in Windows:

You should use IE as your default browser in Windows. You may use any other browser to search and bring up websites but the only safe way to use Lync is to have IE set as your default browser in Windows. This means that when you click a link in an email, for example, it will bring it up in IE.

Bring up IE. Click the gear on the extreme right, then click Internet options.

Click the Programs tab and click on “Make default”, click apply and then OK. IE is now your default browser. Check to make sure it is the default every time you try to Join a meeting. If it is the default it will be “greyed out”, like it is on the screen below.

Doing the VPN thing:

You can always schedule a meeting in Outlook calendar if you have access to “real” Outlook (not the web client called OWA) but if you don’t you can always use the web based Internal Scheduler. HOWEVER, first you must install and log into the campus VPN since the web scheduler will not work with an IP address off campus (yes, that is a bug). So here is how you do the VPN thing:

Open IE (or Safari on a Mac) and put the following into the URL line:

The first time you do this it will ask you to install a little applet. On the windows side you will typically be asked either at the top or bottom of the browser. On a Mac you will be told in the middle of the browser that an app is missing. On a mac click the little arrow to install. On Windows follow the on screen directions. You will only have to do this once per machine.

Once it is installed you are ready to go. Open up IE (or Safari) and type the vpn web address above.  Where asked, put in your vunetid (you do NOT need to precede it with “Vanderbilt\”) and your ePassword. Wait until it tells you that you are connected. You can sign out any time by clicking the sign out button. You can minimize that window. If you use IE for more, either open a new tab or a new window in IE.

Scheduling a Lync meeting using the Web Scheduler:

If you have access to REAL Outlook and Lync is installed, you can schedule your meeting directly in your calendar.

BUT, what if you don’t have real Outlook installed or Lync isn’t installed on the machine you are scheduling from? Then you must use the internal web scheduler. This is how you do it:

It is easy to use the internal scheduler to schedule a Lync meeting whenever you are not on a machine configured for Outlook.  You may go to either one of these two URLs

or       I find this one less  buggy so use it instead most of the time.

Put in Vanderbilt\     BEFORE your VUNetID and where it asks for password put in your ePassword.

Click “Create New Meeting”

Add all the information required. Note that times are Central time. At the bottom put in all the email addresses you want to include, separated by semi-colons. Be sure to include your own address or you won’t have the invite unless you log back in again. Click “Save and Send”.

Everyone gets a meeting invite. Click “Join online meeting” (or the URL immediately below it) when you want to join.