Leading a Conference Call through a Telephone

If you are at your computer it is always better to lead the conference call through your computer interface, particularly if you have a headset. That is far more comfortable than holding a phone instrument to your ear and the audio quality is far better than if you use your speaker phone capability on your phone. However, they may be times when you need to lead a conference call from a phone (such as when you are not near your Lync enabled computer or you do not have strong IP network connectivity. You can lead it from any phone on the planet (it does NOT have to be your Polycom phone) but when you call in to the conference call (using the same telephone number and access code you send out to your participants) you need to identify yourself to the system that you are the conference leader.

In order to tell the system from a telephone that you are the conference leader you need to first setup a PIN that you will type in when requested. You ONLY setup this PIN once. I strongly recommend  (though it is not required) that you use the SAME 6 digit PIN to lock and unlock your Polycom phone since it will be easier to remember. Go to the following URL well before your first phone conference:


and click “Sign in”. Eventually it will ask you for your VUNetID and ePassword. After that click “Reset your PIN” and follow the prompts. Create your PIN. (Again I strongly recommend you always use the same 6-digit PIN for everything related to Lync and the phone).

When you are ready to lead your telephone led conference call, dial into the number you gave out to the participants (check your Outlook calendar, it will be there). You will put in your Conference ID when requested. It will then ask you to put in your PIN if you are the conference leader. Here is where you put in the PIN you created. You are instantly given the status of meeting leader.