How to Log in to Lync from your Personal (NON-Vanderbilt) Computer

When you log in to Lync from a Vanderbilt computer on campus (such as your office computer or a computer in a VUSN classroom), your login credentials are automatically passed to Lync and that will then automatically log you into Lync. But what if you are using a computer that isn’t tied to the Vanderbilt log in process? An example would be your own personal laptop or home computer.  Unless we specially configured those machines, your login credentials for those personal computers are NOT passed directly to Lync. In this case you must go through a Lync login process.

How to log in to Lync:

1.       Launch Lync by clicking the screen icon, the icon on the task bar, or the name in the program list in the start menu.

It will ask for a Sign-in address. Put in your Vanderbilt email account.

2.       If it asks for a password put in your epassword. The login will likely fail. (That is good.)

3.       That brings up a window asking for three things: sign-in address (again put in your VANDERBILT email address), your Username (for this put in vanderbilt\yourvunetid, so mine would be: vanderbilt\gordonjs Warning: Make sure you use the backslash and not the forward slash. For your password put in your ePassword. If you like you can click the checkbox “Save my password” so it will remember it next time.

Click Sign In and you will be logged right in.