Logging out of Lync

If you setup Lync by the defaults, Lync launches every time you reboot your computer.  Normally this is good because it always displays your availability for a meeting without you having to do anything.  On occasion, however, you may want to log out of Lync so it doesn’t interfere with another program you may be attempting to use.  We have discovered that certain builds of Lync interfere with the Remote Proctor test monitoring system.  Whenever you are taking a test using the remote proctor camera and software you need to log out of Lync and any other communications program you may be running at the time (that includes Skype, Scopia, and any instant messaging program). When in doubt, log out.

So, how do you log out of Lync? It is really easy. Find the Lync icon in your task bar, typically at the bottom of your screen. Find the Lync icon and right click it. (Note: on your system it may be isolated by itself on the taskbar and not part of this “gang” of running applications.

Click either Exit or Sign out.

You will now be logged out of Lync. You can now bring up Remote Proctor and you should be able to get in. The procedure is much the same for other communication programs. You just need to know the icon of the program and right click it. Here are Scopia’s and Skype’s:

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