How to Adjust your Lync Settings

There are a number of settings you can make in the Lync window. Where it says “What’s happening today?” You can out anything you want and your “buddies” will see that next to your photo. Diana put “Web Coordinator – VUSN” in that textbox.  Mary Marler put “I will be out of the office until…” You may leave it alone or put in whatever you want. Keep in mind if you never change it, what is there is what everyone will always see. You can set your availability status and your location by clicking the down carets next to those choices right below your name. Selecting “Do Not Disturb” will block anyone from contacting you. If you have a Lync phone all inbound calls will go to voicemail.

Note the color coding of your status. That color coding will also appear next to your name should anyone choose to send you an email through real Outlook.

See the green dot next to my name that corresponds to my current green available status in Lync.


To see your buddies, click the blue people icon located right under my picture.



If you have a Lync phone you can click the phone icon on the right and bring up a dialpad that will dial your phone from there.

There are a number of other settings you can make. Click on the gear icon right of my name

. That brings up the following window. Click through the options on the left.

Click Personal  first  and make sure that “Automatically start Lync when I log on to Windows” is checked. Set the others the way you want them and click OK.

Click on My Picture, select the 3rd choice “Show a picture from a web address” and type in the following URL in the textbox:

Replace yourvunetid with whatever your VUNetID is.  Click “Connect to Picture”.  As soon as Dina and Diana get your picture moved into the correct folder on the server, your picture will appear.

Click Ringtones and Sounds to change your Ringtone.

Click Audio Device. Select the device you want for audio calls from the dropdown You can adjust the speaker and microphone. If you have a Polycom phone, that can be one of your choices. You may elect to use the phone for phone calls and a headset for Lync meetings. NOTE: Microsoft has spent a considerable fortune working on echo cancellation. Headsets with this product are completely optional. The echoing you have with other products that headsets eliminate, does not occur with Lync. Headsets do make your conversation more private however. You can check audio quality by running a “Check Call”.

There are two types of call forwarding. One forwards your call to whatever number you specify, typically your cell phone. It works exactly the way you expect call forwarding to work, after ringing several times the call rolls over to the forwarded number. You can also have simultaneous ring. In this case it will ring on your lync phone AND your forwarded number such as your cell phone simultaneously. Whichever handset is picked up first “wins”.  When you look at the caller ID on your cell phone it will show 936-1000. That indicates the call was originally sent to your office number.

You can also control call forwarding by clicking the down caret at the bottom of the Lync window.

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