How to Create Contact Groups in Lync

You can create “contact groups” in Lync by organizing your Lync contacts into affinity groups. A person can be added to more than one group, so, for example, you could have an VUSN group and a VUSN Informatics group and people like me can be in both. First you must create the group name. Click on any of the existing group Headings, then right click and select “Create New Group”

Replace the words “New Group” with whatever you want to call it. I will call my VUSN Faculty”

So it looks like this with nobody in it.

Now you can drag any existing buddies from any group into the VUSN Faculty group if they are already listed as a friend and you don’t want to keep them in their original group.  If they aren’t an existing “buddy” or you want to also keep them where they are as well, simply type in their name at the top and it will find that individual.

Roll over the contact and right click the down caret next to the plus sign and select the group you want to place the person in.

Now you will see Trish in that VUSN Faculty group. Notice it says 0/1. What that means is that out of one person in the group, zero are available for a meeting.

Now on the Windows side (this does not presently work on the Macintosh side), if you want to blast an email message out to everyone in the group, right click the group heading and select Send an email message. That will  launch Outlook and put everyone in the group in the TO line. You can also use this same technique to blast out a video call, instant message,  schedule a meeting, or share your desktop.

If you have a Lync phone (Polycom CX600), you can rollover the contact, click the down caret just right of “Call” and make a Lync to Lync call or call the person’s phone by clicking that choice.

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