How to Send an Invitation to Your Students through OAK

If you decide you want to run a Lync meeting (perhaps instead of using Scopia) you must send your students an invitation. If you have a small class and you know all of their email addresses, just put those addresses in the TO line of the invitation you created in Outlook Calendar, separated by semi-colons, just like you schedule any meeting in Outlook Calendar. However, if you have a large class, inviting people this way is difficult. A better approach is to create the invitation in Outlook Calendar and send it ONLY to yourself. Then when you receive it you will copy/paste the invitation into the Blackboard email function.

We will now copy/paste the contents of that message into Blackboardís emailer (NOTE: because of weird quirks in Outlook you may have to go into your SENT box to find the message. It maynot appear in your inbox. (I am reporting that as a bug but until/unless it is fixed, if you donít get the message just look in your SENT box and you will see it). Open it up, swipe over the entire message and hit CTRL-C to copy it to your computerís buffer.

Now open Blackboard to the email, select the Send to all Users choice, and hit CTRL-V to paste.

Click Submit and the invitation will be sent to all people in the class.