How to Schedule and then Launch a Meeting in Lync

The process in the video Microsoft has is, in my opinion, too hard. Scheduling is easy to do. You schedule it just like you schedule any meeting in real Outlook calendar. You can schedule it from ANY computer that has REAL Outlook configured to your account installed AND has Lync configured to your account installed.  Unfortunately at this time you cannot schedule a meeting through the Outlook Web Client though we have requested that capability in the future.

So this is how you do it. First bring up calendar in Outlook… and click the Lync L

Schedule the meeting start date/time and ending date/time. Put in who you want to send the invitation to in the TO: line separated by semicolons. Then click Send. They will get a meeting announcement they may either accept or reject, just like any other meeting you schedule in Outlook. If they accept the meeting is inserted into their calendar. The invitation looks exactly like the one you see.

Now let’s look at the invitation in detail.  First you will see  a Join Online Meeting blue link. If they click on that they will begin joining the meeting. If by chance that Join Online Meeting doesn’t work, they can simply click on the hyperlink right below it since  that takes them to the same place. If they have Lync installed and are a Lync user, when they click the link, the program Lync will launch and they will be inserted into your meeting. If, however, they do not have a Lync account (such as your students….we are not currently issuing accounts to students), the student can also click the Join Online Meeting and it will give them a choice to view the meeting in their web browser or download a 48MB client.  If they choose to view it in their browser they will not get audio, nor will they be able to share their desktop or webcam with anyone else, but they will be able to view everyone else who is fully connected. In order for that participant to HEAR what is going on they will have to ALSO dial one of the two numbers on their phone. If they are in Nashville they should dial the 615 number. If they are out of area they should dial the 855 number (tollfree). They will thus be connected twice, once through their computer and audio through their telephone. (This technique, by the way, is excellent if someone is on a particularly weak internet connection and their audio would otherwise breakup.)


If they can download a viewing client and have permission to install it on their machine they can simply do that instead and then they have all of the participatory privileges of anyone with a Lync account. They can listen through their headset on the computer. They can share their webcam and they can share their desktop.

NOTE: if you don’t know your students’ email addresses you can always copy/paste the invitation into the Blackboard email textbox and send it out to all students that way. It will work fine EXCEPT the Join Online Meeting hyperlink will not be active (they will have to click the link right below it instead), and the invitation will not go into their calendar, rather they will have to view it in email instead.  Because of the possibility of forgetting where the email is, I strongly recommend sending the actual invitation with the link to the meeting out within 24 hours of the meeting or class itself. That way if they can’t find it right away they just have to look over the past 24 hours of email, not several weeks worth.

If they call in they will be asked the “Conference ID”. Typically you are assigned a permanent ID to you. Mine is 11127. They can enter that in their phone.

Now you have a choice. You can run your meeting through your computer or you can run the meeting through any telephone anywhere in the world you happen to be. If there is nothing to see (you are not showing a Powerpoint or a web browser window and it is not necessary to see the webcam video of the speaker, it may be just as easy to run the conference through your phone as an audio conference instead. Before your first conference this way, however, you need to setup a telephone conference call PIN. Go to the following web address FROM ON CAMPUS or FROM ON THE VPN. You cannot create your PIN from off campus if you are not on the VPN. You only have to do this once so I strongly recommend you do it the next time you are on campus.

You will click “Sign In”

When it asks, put in your VUNetID and ePassword. Then click the set or reset your PIN. Put in the new PIN and confim it then click OK. Remember your PIN. The next time you have a conference call that you are going to lead from a telephone, not the computer, you will be prompted to put in your PIN if you are the meeting leader. I strongly recommend that you use the same 6 digit PIN for your voicemail, locking and unlocking your phone, and this conference calling feature. Note that if you are going to run your meeting from your computer you will not be asked what your PIN is since you are already logged into Lync.

NOTE: ITS is working on a web based meeting scheduler that does not require you to schedule in the Outlook calendar. When that is available and stable we will prepare documentation for it. Until then, the only way to schedule a meeting is through the Outlook calendar.  I have been asked if it is possible to proxy schedule a meeting through an administrative assistant. It is supposed to be possible but I have not been able to get it to successfully work. It is on my “to do” list to work on. Until then, YOU have to schedule your own meetings in your own copy of Outlook.

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