Where does Voicemail Go?

If someone calls your office number and you have call forwarding and simultaneous ring off they can leave a voice mail message on your office phone. You can check it on your phone but the message also is encapsulated as an email and sent to your Vanderbilt email account. In the example below Betsy, at home, left me a voicemail message.

Click on that email.

Click on the right play arrow to hear your message. It will play back on any system capable of email including any computer with speakers, a smart phone, or a tablet.

You can forward the message to whoever you want to also hear it.

NOTE: if you have simultaneous calling or call forwarding enabled, the voicemail will be left on your cell phone and NOT in Lync. If you want your VM to be in an email through Lync be sure to turn off call forwarding or simultaneous calling BEFORE calls come in. In several months you will also get a text transcription of incoming voicemails.