One final note: If you are running the meeting you must use the REAL Lync application. You cannot initiate running a meeting from either the Lync Attendee Client OR from the browser.

If you would prefer to use your browser to get into the meeting you will need Silverlight. If you have Office installed, Silverlight is probably already installed. If you can't get into the meeting or you know you do not have Silverlight installed, open your browser (IE on Windows or Safari on Macintosh) and  to download and install Silverlight. You will need installation privileges on your machine to install Sivlerlight. You only need Silverlight if you are running Lync in a browser (either in Windows or on a Macintosh). You do NOT need Silverlight if you are running the Attendee Client.


If you do NOT have Lync from Vanderbilt University installed on your computer, you may download and use the Attendee Windows Client to participate (but not lead) a Lync meeting. This is a zipped file. Click on it to download. (Make note of where it downloads). When it is on your machine, double click the zip file to open it and then click on the  "AttendeeSetupUser.exe" file inside to install it.


NOTE: this file is 57MB in size and you must have installation privileges on your machine to install it. If you do not have these privileges, contact your local system administrator for assistance.


At this time there is no attendee client for Macintosh. Mac users will have to run Lync in the browser (Safari with Silverlight installed) for the visual component and will have to use their telephone to participate in the audio side of the conference. From the browser you can either have Lync call you back, or you can go to your original invitation, dial in on the tollfree or 615 number, and put in the Conference ID when asked. (NOTE: Windows users unable or unwilling to install the Attendee Client may also join through the browser (IE with Silverlight installed) and then either call in to hear the audio component or have the system call back.

Lync Attendee Windows Client