Install SCOPIA Desktop application (Mac ONLY)



Check to see if you have the SCOPIA Desktop application installed on your Mac. To do this, open your Applications folder and look for the app named SCOPIA Desktop.



If you dont see the SCOPIA Desktop application then you will need to download it by first going to the SCOPIA webpage: (


Click either the link that states There are updates to SCOPIA Desktop components available or the Updates link in the upper right-hand side of the window.


When either of the links are clicked a download window will pop up asking you to install the software. Click the Install button.





This will start the download of a file named ClientComponents.dmg to begin downloading to your default download destination on your Mac.

Once you have finished downloading, you will need to locate this file on your computer and double-click the ClientComponents.dmg file to launch the installer.



Note: If you are using Firefox, you will need to quit the browser before starting the installation.

















Once double-clicked you will see a white hard drive icon that will mount on your desktop named SCOPIADesktop. Double-clicking on this hard drive icon will open a window with an open-box icon named SCOPIADesktopCompents.pkg. Double-click this icon and follow the prompts to complete the install of the software into your applications folder.