Getting Email Notifications of Student Assignments Submitted through OAK

By default email notifications is set to off. Most faculty do not want them. However, if you are in the minority and would like to receive a separate email notification each time a student submits n assignment you can set that up by course. This is how you do it. From the main screen look for the “little guy” and click him.


Click Edit Notification Settings

Now unfortunately it now lists every course you have taught that is in the system (we typically go up to 4 years back but I notice we are now going further back than that). Find the CORRECT version of the course (alternately you can hit all your courses at once but remember you will have to add your new courses to this process each semester). If you are only teaching one or two courses a semester it is just as easy to do them one at a time, so that is how this techtool will show it.

Find the course you want and click it.

Where it says “Assignments Submitted” click the email checkbox.

Scroll to the bottom and click “Submit”. You will now get email notifications every time a student submits.