Putting Your Picture in Lync

It is a good idea to post your picture in Lync so that when others see your name in a picklist they also see a photo of your face. The image though is the size of a thumbnail so you need to start with an image that is almost entirely your face. If you already have a picture you like you can get it to Diana Vasquez (Diana.vasquez@vanderbilt.edu) in the graphics department in Informatics or you can use an existing picture she probably already has of you. She will size the image correctly, post it on a website and send you the web address you will put in Lync.

Click the gear.

That opens the following screen. Click “My Picture”

Click the third choice “Show a picture for a web address” and put in the entire web address (including the http:// prefix) and then click “Connect to Picture”.

Your picture will now show in the picklist like the one below when someone adds your name to their “buddy” list. Your picture will be at the top.

NOTE: unless you are told otherwise the URL of your picture will be:


Where you would put in your own VUNetID above. So my URL for example is:


You can test to see if we have an active Lync suitable picture of you right now by putting in the URL above in a regular web browser. If we have an active pic, you will see something like what is below only with your picture in it:


If we do not have a picture of you at this time you will see this:

Contact Diana Vasquez to let her know to setup a picture for you.

Below is what your screen will look like when your picture is displayed.