How to setup Voice Mail on your Polycom CX600 Telephone


You may record your personal voice mail greeting,  your out of office greeting, or your name from either your Polycom phone OR by using the Lync interface and audio input/output capabilities of your computer. If you decide to record your greetings using your computer you are strongly advised to use a headset with a microphone since the audio quality will be much better. Greetings recorded using the computer’s built-in mic will sound hollow and distant.

Pick up the handset for your Polycom CX600 phone and dial your number (the last 5 digits of the number) OR dial your number in the Lync interface on your computer. If you are using your computer simply type the last 5 digits of your phone number in the area where it says  Find a contact or dial a number.” (I have found it easiest to use the actual phone for this purpose.)

It will ask you for your 6 digit numeric PIN then press the # key.

Then say “Personal Options” when given that option.

Press 2

You can then record your out of office greeting, your normal greeting, and your name. Just follow the audio directions.