Showing a Powerpoint Presentation in a Window


When Office 2010 came out it became possible to play pptx files in a window. This is EXTREMELY USEFUL if you are going to show a Powerpoint presentation in a videoconferencing system such as Scopia, Communicator, Lync, WebEx, Centra or any other conferencing system that can show your computer screen. The reason you want to do this (rather than show it full screen), is that by showing it in a window you also still get to see the video of the conference participants. If you play the Powerpoint full screen you blanket the video of the participants as well as any text comments they may write or, in the case of a raised icon hand you will not be able to see it.

So this is how you show a Powerpoint in a window. Open your Powerpoint in edit mode. Then click the View tab.

Click Reading View.

It now shows in a window. To move to the next slide click the arrow buttons at the bottom. You can resize the window by moving the top and bottom or bottom right corner of the window just like the way you adjust the size of any window.



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