How to Select and Test Audio Devices in Conferencing Systems (Lync, Scopia, Second Life, Skype)

Open Lync and select Tools>Audio Device Settings

Make sure Audio Device is highlighted on the right. Select the correct choice for speaker and microphone out of the dropdown list. (In my example here I do not have a headset plugged in, but if I did it should appear as a choice if it is USB. If it is dual pin you will probably have to select the default speakers and microphone array). You can adjust the volumes by moving the slider bar. You can test the audio by clicking the green arrow under the speaker choice. You should also check the call quality by clicking that button.

If you change anything be sure to click OK for the changes to stick.

On the Windows side it is possible to check audio BEFORE entering the conference. Click the Check Audio choice on the right. (NOTE: it is not possible at this time to check audio on the Mac side)

Make sure the audio tab is selected. Pick the correct input/output device from EACH picklist, put your headset on and click the Start audio test button. Then talk. You will hear yourself echo back. If you do NOT hear yourself echo back you will need to stop the test and change our input and output devices until you do hear yourself. The volume bars should adjust automatically. When you are satisfied you will click the stop audio test button and then click Apply and OK for your choices to stick.

You can then enter your conference.

Second Life
Go into Second Life, look at the top and select Me>Preferences. (NOTE: it is possible that the Windows firewall will attempt to block access to SL voice. If so, just “allow” it.)

Make sure Sounds and Media is selected on the left, then click Input/Output devices.

Select the correct Input device from the dropdown (microphone) and output device from it’s dropdown (speakers). You should see a usb headset as a choice if it is plugged in. Again, if you are using a dual pin you will have to select one of the default devices since dual pin devices are not identified by name in the system. You can adjust the My volume slider bar to increase your outbound volume  then click OK to make your choices stick.

Now when you are speaking you should click the Speak button. You will see green radiating “waves over your head whenever sound comes out of your microphone. There is no way to test audio except to see the waves when you speak and ask others if they can hear you and you can hear them.

Bring up Skype and test your audio before you conference. Select Tools>Options

Click on Audio settings on the left, then look right and select your microphone and speakers from the choices in the dropdown list. Let the system automatically adjust the two volume settings by checking both those boxes if they are unchecked. Click “make a free test call”. Then click “Save” to make your choices stick.

You can make a free test call anytime by selecting the Echo/Sound Test Service choice.

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